I’m currently OPEN for review requests!

The accepted formats are ARC, print and ebooks. I may accept requests from both traditionally published and independent authors. It doesn’t matter to me how your book found its way into the world. It is merely the quality of the writing I’m looking for so independent authors; so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Before sending me a review request, please understand that by accepting or receiving a book, I do not guarantee that it will be read immediately or posted on the blog immediately. I also reserve the right to NOT post a review of your book should I not feel comfortable doing so. This could be because I’ve run out of time, didn’t really have anything to say about it, etc.

I may publish the review on this blog as well as GoodReads and GoogleBooks. I usually don’t post reviews of books which I wouldn’t recommend (i.e., I would rate less than 3 stars), although I will provide feedback to the author/publisher. On this blog I will not publish any star rating because I think a qualitative statement is more helpful for the (potential) reader and what is a 3-star book for me might be a 5-star book for someone else. I try to keep my reviews short and crisp.

I like non-fiction books with a focus on business books, but I may also enjoy reading technology and science books. In rare cases, I may accept historical novels (but publish the review only on GoodReads etc. and not on this blog). I read English and German books.

I do not accept esoteric books, general fiction and alike.

If you think your book looks like something I would enjoy reading, you are welcome to send me a brief summary (including genre and target audience). If I am interested, I accept ARCs in all electronic formats (PDF, ePUB) but prefer MOBI (Kindle) format. If you want to send me the physical book, please contact me by email for my address (you should consider, I live in Germany, but I do travel a lot).

How can I contact you with my review request?

Please write an email to tobias (at) business-book-blog (dot) com or use my contact form.

In addition to reviews, what else are you open to?

– Guest Blogging: If you want to say something about business books, you can post it on our blog. I welcome guest authors and guest articles! Send me an email with your topic suggestion or use my contact form to check if your topic fits the Business Book Blog. I’m also interested in guest blogging on OTHER blogs.

– Author Interviews: Typically, I only interview authors that I’ve also reviewed.

– Giveaways: I may post a giveaway of a book I have read and enjoyed (or would expect others to enjoy)!

– Blog Tours: I’m also happy to participate in blog tours with matching topics and are generally open to ideas for cooperation and collaboration! If you are a company and would like to cooperate with Business Book Blog, please contact me separately by email.
Like with giveaways, I have to have an interest in the book being promoted or have enjoyed it. I only participate in blog tours with interesting, exclusive content. I want the content to be valuable to my reader and not something copy and pasted.