Tobias Endress Hello my name is Tobias. I really enjoy reading inspiring and informative books! In particular, I like non-fiction books about business and innovation, but I’m also interested in technology and science. Sometimes I do read other books too, for example historical novels.

I have a professional background in business, technology and finance. My research interests include Business, Consumer Behaviour, Digital Economy, Decision-Making, Finance (including Behavioural Finance, International Stock Markets, Company Valuation), Forecasting, Marketing (e.g., Online Marketing, Product and Service Marketing), Social Media, Sustainability, and Teamwork.

I’m also (co-)author of several publications including:
– Digital Project Practice: Managing Innovation and Change
– Banking & Innovation 2015: Ideen und Erfolgskonzepte von Experten für die Praxis
– Digital Governance and Social Media Engagement

Beyond that, I am interested in travelling and sailing. At the moment I’m on a world trip with a Najad 34 sailing yacht (SY MAYA) and follow the “barefoot route”.

If you want me to review your book please check my review policy and get in touch with me!